We Want Your Kids to Love Coming to Church

And even more, we want them to see Jesus.  In each of the GBC Kids areas, your child will find engaging and age-appropriate activities to help them absorb the life-changing truth of the gospel.  Despite their young age, we believe kids can then live on mission by taking this truth to those around them.  Not only will we do our best to equip and show your kids Jesus while in our care, we will equip, encourage, and empower you as the primary disciple-makers of the home.


We have three different nurseries to meet the needs of each stage from newborn to three years of age.  

Kids Jr.

Kids Jr. is a large-group worship service just for kids preschool to 1st grade.  It has all of the elements of big-church while engaging each learning style.  We will teach the Bible in a way that your preschooler and early elementary child can understand and remember.  We are passionate about teaching your child who Jesus is and why they need him. 

Kids 2 to 5

Kids 2 to 5 is a large-group worship service for kids 2nd grade to 5th grade.  We use the whole Bible to show them Jesus while equipping them to obey as God leads.  The kids are consistently taught the gospel, engaged in the spiritual disciplines, given opportunities to serve in the service, and encouraged to share Jesus with others.

Sunday School

The kids' Sunday school classes take the same lesson learned in the large-group format and apply it in a more personal space.  A small group of kids from the same grade meet with the same teacher each week to discuss the Bible story and understand it at a deeper level.  Hands-on activities help kids engage in this second hour of learning.

Sensory and Special Needs Classroom

This classroom provides a quiet, engaging space with a low child to teacher ratio.  All volunteers are trained, and many have extensive professional experience.  Bible lessons are adapted to the needs and abilities of your child.  


Awana is a midweek service for kids three years old to sixth grade. There are three different clubs depending on the age of your child.  All clubs focus on community, discipleship, and Bible memorization.  Kids learn their verses and work through lessons with their parents during the week.  On Monday, volunteers are excited to hear your kids' verses during small-group time.  They also have fun with them in games and large-group teaching.


Kids' Services

Sunday Gathering
Sunday Morning 9:30-10:35

Sunday School
Sunday  Morning 10:50-11:50

You will find age-specific child care and  worship services for every age, newborn through 5th grade.   Our Sensory and Special Needs Classroom is open during this service.
You will find age-specific child care and small-group classes for every age, newborn through 5th grade.   

Monday Evening 6:15-7:45

Your 3yr old to 6th grade kids are invited to  join AWANA  on Monday evenings.  Our sensory and Special Needs Classroom is open during this service.



We go out of our way to ensure all of our GBC Kids areas are as safe as possible.  Multiple volunteers are present in every room, and each volunteer has been carefully screened, background checked, and trained.  You will recognize an authorized GBC Kids volunteer by their blue GBC Kids name-tag.


GBC Kids Check-In opens 15 minutes prior to each service.   If you are visiting for the first time, you will  fill out a quick form to get a name tag for your child.  

If your child is birth through 1st grade, you will also receive a claim ticket. Each visit generates a ticket with a unique security code that ensures safe pick-up.  Kids 2nd through 5th will be released after their classes.  We recommend picking a spot to meet them.


Parents Equipped as Primary

Empowering and supporting parents as the primary disciple-makers of the home.


Kids continually being led to the foot of the cross through Bible stories and volunteer-child interactions.


Engaging environments that helps your child absorb the teaching.

Intentionally Relational

Volunteers who engage and build friendships with each other and with the kids.

Holy Spirit Led

Volunteers that are following the leading of the Holy Spirit and equipping kids to do the same.

Applied Biblical Teaching

Biblical truth presented in a way that's relevant to your child and in a manner that encourages them to live it out.

The Gospel Project Curriculum

Every week, all kids 5th grade and under will be taught from the same Bible passage using the Gospel Project curriculum as a base.  We teach the gospel by using the stories of the Bible.  The stories are presented in chronological order so the kids can see how each character and scene plays a part in the overall big story of Jesus.  Each story demonstrates who God is, who the kids are, and why Jesus is desperately needed. 

GBC Kids Vision

We see a ministry built on biblical truth and resulting in children transformed by the gospel.
We see a community where children feel loved by leaders who intentionally invest in them and model grace in order to form personal connections.
We see a ministry that comes alongside parents to equip and encourage them to spiritually lead their children in the home.
We see every child in our ministry discipled one-on-one by a parent or mentor so the children have the knowledge and skills needed to be fully devoted followers of Christ.
We see children boldly going and living out their faith through the power of the Holy Spirit, applying and sharing what they have learned with those around them.

This Summer!

Although some of our kid's programs pause at the end of the school year, we continue to offer care for kids newborn to 1st grade during the worship service all summer long.  We wanted to let you know about a great book that your pre-school and early elementary kids will be exploring this summer.   Little Pilgrim's Big Journey will help equip your kids to lead a life of faith in their own journey of seeking the King.  

Maps, stories, stickers, and hands-on application will help your kids jump into the story of Little Pilgrim.  We hope your kids can join us!

Parent Resources

Parents are the primary disciple-makers in the home. That's why we're here, to equip, encourage, and empower you to raise kids who not only love Jesus with all their hearts but share that love with others.

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