Help & Resources your neighbor as yourself

Mark 12:31

The mission of GBC is to come alongside those who need help. If you are struggling, emotionally, spiritually or even financially, we would love to have a conversation with you.  We understand that all of us need a community to survive, and you can communicate with us confidentially if you are hurting.

Marriage Resources

Marriage Enrichment Classes
One-on-one Mentoring
Weekend Getaways

Parent Resources

Parents are the primary disciple-makers in the home.  But we also know you are feeling the struggles and fatigue of parenting.  We are here to shout out encouragement, walk with you in community, and empower you to affect spiritual change in your home. 

Caring For Those Who Hurt

A weekly feature with practical information
to help you care for hurting people.

Are you struggling?  Let us help.

Restoration Care

If you are in a place without an address, please reach out. We want to help you develop a restitution plan and assist you in the journey.

International Care

Are you currently emigrating from a different nation to the United States? If you reach out to us, we will help you connect with the correct agencies and people to help you during this time of transition.

Provision & Wellness Care

If you are in financial need, or you're stressed and discouraged, call us. We want to provide you with resouces during this time. We will listen to you.


If you are currently incarcerated, or have a loved one serving a sentence, please know you can reach out to us. We desire to minister to you, helping you face the daily challenges.

Reach out to TaskForce 180

Providing prayer and resources for those in need

If you are in a place of hurt, or if you are far from God, we desire to lock arms with you in meaningful ways to point you to Jesus Christ.

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it starts with a conversation