More About the Nurseries

We have three different nurseries to accommodate  the changing needs of your baby and toddler.  Each nursery is designed to be as safe as possible, yet engaging and friendly.  We hope your little ones will love coming so you can enjoy worshipping in the service.  




2's / 3's

What you can expect:

Safe Rooms

We regularly check our nurseries for items that could harm or choke a baby or toddler.  We take preventative measures such as covering outlets, locking drawers, and ensuring there are no button batteries in toys.


We offer communication cards for the infant and walker nurseries so you can let the staff know the needs of your baby that morning.  We return the card to you at the end of the service with details like feedings and diaper changes.  

Clean Rooms

Our nurseries are regularly cleaned and the toys disinfected.  We are careful to screen for illness in both the volunteers and babies.

Caring Volunteers

Our volunteers love little ones and try to make their stay in the nursery as pleasant as possible.  But when you are needed, we will text you or display your child's tag number on the screens in the auditorium.